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 1006 PropertCrisis    Today, nearly half the land in our nation is owned by government, international corporations and land trusts. The rest is highly regulated. We are rapidly losing the ability to own private property, and as a result feed our families from the fruit of our land, as well as protect our individual liberties. We are working to change this!
Learn How YOU Can Help


We educate Americans on issues affecting property rights and individual liberties through our online and printed publications,  Coordination Article E-Training and the American Stewards Digest.


Locally: We send experts directly into communities to help local leaders protect their way of life through our Local Outreach Program.
Nationally: We gather together our members to fight in the halls of Congress through our Liberty Matters alerts and, when necessary, file legal actions in the courts to protect property rights.


We train local governments how to assert their coordination role in the federal and state planning process through our Coordination Classes and Local Outreach Program.


We are winning battles in communities nationwide and one-by-one we are restoring our nation from the ground up.