All decisions affecting your community are best made by you, your fellow citizens and locally elected officials.  This is why we come directly to your community to work with your leaders and experts to help you develop a successful coordination strategy and relationship with the administrative agencies.

We will work with you to develop your strategy, draft the initial letters to agencies, and help advocate your position in the coordination meetings.

Specifically we can help you:

  • Draft and Edit Resolutions
  • Develop Plans and Policies
  • Develop Issue Strategy
  • Draft Agency Letters
  • Develop Meeting Agendas
  • Facilitate Coordination Meetings
  • Analyze Meeting Outcomes and Develop Next Steps

If you are interested in these services, please call our office and we can visit with you about the level of support you need. Our ultimate goal is to train your community so that it can develop future strategies, as issues arise, with limited help from us well into the future.

Examples of some of the issues we have helped communities address are:

  • Endangered Species Proposed Listings
  • National Monuments
  • Travel Management Plans
  • Livestock Grazing Restrictions
  • Wilderness Areas
  • Resource Management Plan Revisions
  • Forest Plan Revisions
  • Power Line Construction
  • Transportation Corridors
  • Superfund Sites

For more information call our office at 512-591-7843 or email us at asl@americanstewards.us.

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