Teaching local governments how to implement coordination is one of our top priorities. Our Coordination Class was developed by a seasoned team that has facilitated over 100 coordination meetings on behalf of local governments. Drawing on this experience, the Class is designed to give you a thorough understanding of where the coordination authority is found in federal statute, help you develop strategies for plans, policies and issues, and, by the end of the day, teach you how to run a successful coordination meeting.

Organized into seven (7) sessions, you will learn everything from the basic concepts to implementing the process, all in one day. Not only will you know how to start the process, but you will leave with an action plan for key issues to get you started.

The class is lead by experts who have direct experience helping local governments coordinate with federal and state agencies on numerous issues. This practical experience allows them to teach coordination through firsthand experience, helping you avoid the pitfalls so you can be successful.

Coordination is most effective when citizens and elected officials come together, so we have developed this course to be taught in your community. In this way, citizens, elected officials, and experts can all benefit from learning the important role each plays to ensure successful implementation of coordination well into the future.

A few comments from past attendees:

“Good Presentation…Excellent ideas with relevant examples.”

“It was great – new way of looking at Federal/Local Control Issues.”

“Better than I expected…Very well Done!”

“Excellent job! Especially appreciated prior research and knowledge of Local issues”

“I think hearing the practical application stories really makes it all come together. I’ve read about it but after today…I have a much better understanding.”

“Very helpful. Good presentation and excellent workbook”

“Looking forward to getting started!”

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