Schedule a Class

You can schedule a training session by calling or emailing our offices to learn schedule availability.  Generally we will need to know:

  1. When you would like to hold the course?
  2. Where the course would be held?
  3. What are the primary issues you would like to resolve?

Simply call 512-365-2699 or email us with your request at  We will work with you to learn more about your community and the issues you face in order to schedule the most productive session for your area.

What Does the Course Cost?

Our fee for the Coordination Class is $1500 plus Travel Expenses. In addition, the course training material provided is $35 per attendee, with a minimum purchase of 25 sets. Usually, An organization, individual or even local government sponsors the course and charges a nominal fee to attendees recovering their expenses.


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We educate Americans on issues affecting property rights and individual liberties through our online and printed publications,  Coordination Article E-Training and the American Stewards Digest.


Locally: We send experts directly into communities to help local leaders protect their way of life through our Local Outreach Program.
Nationally: We gather together our members to fight in the halls of Congress through our Liberty Matters alerts and, when necessary, file legal actions in the courts to protect property rights.


We train local governments how to assert their coordination role in the federal and state planning process through our Coordination Classes and Local Outreach Program.


We are winning battles in communities nationwide and one-by-one we are restoring our nation from the ground up.