American Stewards of Liberty is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting private property rights, defending the use of our land, and restoring local control. Our strategies are unique, effective, and have led to some of the most important victories for property rights in America over the last twenty years.

Founded in 1992, ASL works directly with local communities to help protect the continued use of our natural resources – the production of food, fiber and energy and access to the land – in the face of an increasing influence of the radical environmental agenda that is working to remove people from the landscape.

  • We study the local issues, train local leaders, and advocate the local position with the federal and state agencies using coordination.

While helping landowners succeed at the local level is a critical part of our work, so too is our national agenda to restore the full constitutional protection for private property rights intended by our founders.  As a part of this mission we are filing actions to delist species that do not warrant federal protection under the Endangered Species Act.

American Stewards of Liberty is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization that was formed through the merger of the American Land Foundation(ALF) and Stewards of the Range (Stewards) in 2009. ALF was created by the Farm Credit Bank of Texas in 1993. Stewards was founded by western ranchers in 1992 to support the Fifth Amendment takings case Hage v. United States.

From our Members:

God’s blessings in your fight for preserving our property rights. It’s an honor to belong to a dedicated organization.
-Eugene and Ruth

Your group is doing something. So many are just collecting donations.”
– Oscar from Paradise, California

A great many people in the USA depend on you all.”
– Gerald from Idaho

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